Safety is our Number One Concern.


The management of Campbell, Inc. considers no phase of its operation or administration as being of greater importance than SAFETY. It is the policy of this company to take all practical steps to safeguard employees and the general public from accidents and to maintain at all times, an effective safety organization. It is, therefore, Campbell’s safety policy to:

1.)Recognize and accept that it is management’s responsibility to establish the guidelines and the framework within which a good accident prevention program can operate.

2.)Emphasize to all Project Managers that they have a personal responsibility to enforce SAFE working conditions with their employees.

3.) Each employee shall comply with occupational safety and health standards and all other rules and regulations and orders issued pursuant to this act which is applicable to his own actions and conduct.

4.)Comply with all state and local laws pertaining to safety and health matters.

5.)Conduct an ongoing safety program with appropriate documentation as evidence of our interest in our employees and our desire to control unnecessary losses. If a safety rule is modified so that the employee’s safety is something less than it should be, the employee is to inform any member of management.

6.) Campbell Inc. is an approved member of PICS, BROWZ, & IS Networld and maintains strict safety standards in compliance with these organizations.